…….And then they called me a …….

What started out as STRICTLY BUSINESS and not PERSONAL, has now become STRICTLY PERSONAL as well as BUSINESS. But, far from BUSINESS as USUAL for me.

Once upon a time in ‘ THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT ‘ , business as usual for me would have consisted of waking up hungover at 2:00 AM, trying to decide what I was going to do about ‘ last nights COULD BE THE WOMAN FOR ME ‘, finishing off the beer I had left on the night stand the night before, then stumbling to the kitchen to microwave a cup of  yesterday mornings coffee complete with the coffee grinds. Then off to a radio station I would race to prepare for my five hour radio show . The routine stayed the same in whatever city I happened to be existing in at the time. A friend of mine once told me that, ” You can tell how long a man has been in radio by the size of his U-HAUL and the number of times he’s been divorced. ” Oh so SAD but OH so TRUE. The opening theme for a movie about my life story would be ” Tears Of A Clown “, the closing theme would be ” Yesterday When I was Young “, and somewhere in the movie , ” The Whiskey Ain’t Workin’ Anymore ” would have to be included. ” But That Was YESTERDAY, and YESTERDAY is GONE WITH THE WIND.

My life and dreams and ambitions that had been built on weak and shifting sand, were suddenly washed away several years ago when GOD blessed me with an opportunity to accompany the Pastor of a Church in Arkansas I was attending on  MISSION trips to Manila, Philippines as well as Hyderabad, India with a brief layover in Bangkok, Thailand. Brother Elvis Sneathern, his real name, had heard me play guitar and asked me if I would like to accompany him. Well , since I wasn’t married again, I figured why the hell not. However, it would be a year later that the funds for me to do so would come in the form of PENNIES FROM HEAVEN. So again I figured what the hell, I still ain’t married again, and had no prospects in the hopper, so I might as well go along for the ride. After all, I might could hook up with me a woman of the ASIAN PERSUASION.

Before I proceed, allow me to admit that I am petrified of heights and had deeply seeded fears of flying. I came very close to backing out of the entire ordeal even as we waited to board the jet at Memphis International. Brother Elvis attempted to calm my nerves by reminding me that GOD did not want us to have a spirit of fear, yada yada yada. Well, on that particular morning, GOD had not blessed me with that ‘ HOLY SPIRIT of NO FEAR ‘. So I wandered off for about an hour,  during which time I visited the ELVIS TOURIST TRAP in the airport,   smoked 5 quick cigarettes and drank 5 quick industrial strength BLOODY MARY’S. A few Pat O’Brien’s New Orleans style  HURRICANES would have come in handy as well. Oh well, to make a long story short, off I finally went into the wild blue yonder. By the time we were over Mexico, my nerves had calmed somewhat. I called home from LAX to let Mama know I had survived the first leg of the journey. After a 5 hour layover, and about 4 more Bloody Mary’s, it was off to the next layover in Nagoya , Japan, where I fell in love with my first little Asian woman. That layover was only about 2 hours, so I didn’t really have time to propose. And since Brother Elvis had cautioned me not to smoke anymore cigarettes or drink anymore COURAGE, ( Gee how did he know ? I thought I had been so sneaky ) I took my guitar out and started entertaining the crowd. Finally , off to Manila’s NINOY AQUINO INTERNATIONAL. We arrived at about 12:30 AM Manila time and were escorted to CHRISTIAN BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH, where my SOUL, my HEART, my DREAMS and my AMBITIONS would be forever changed. But that’s a story for another post.

I have said all of that to say all of this. I had never concerned myself with American Politics until I saw how people have to live in 3rd world countries. I have never even voted in a Presidential election. As a matter of fact, I have only voted twice in my adult life PERIOD. I voted for a MAYOR and a SCHOOL BOARD member what seems like a century ago. BUT NOW, I AM AWAKE. I AM SCARED. I AM WORRIED about the futures of my four son’s and three grand children. And, I AM SCARED , PERIOD.

I am retired/ disabled now, and have spent 20 to 22 hours a day studying anything I can get my eyes on about the upcoming election and the candidates. I have come to the conclusion that as for me and my family, DONALD J. TRUMP is the ONLY candidate that has the determination, the know how and the BALLS to rebuild America from the GROUND UP. Sorry folks, but america is now on her knees and begging to be spelled with a ‘ capitol ” A ” again. Donald Trump is the only candidate in this’  spelling bee ‘ as far as I’m concerned. Having spent 45+ years in the media, I am well versed when it comes to DISINFORMATION B.S., so the LIBERAL SHEEPLES can’t pull any WOOL over THIS boy’s eyes.  I knew after the overwhelming success of Sir Donald’s campaign stop in Biloxi, Mississippi, that the bullets were going to fly higher than before today, and I was correct. I have been on the phone off and on today, Sunday the 3rd, since 4:00 AM with friends and family members from around Mississippi. It appears, at this particular point in time, that the republican party MISSISSIPPI STRATEGY to knock Sir Donald off the John Deere Tractor, is going to blow up in their faces. It is going to BITE THEM in their collective ARSE. It’s going to be, ” The BIG ONE Elizabeth. They’re comin’ to see ya honey”. My family and friends in Mississippi as well as Arkansas have traditionally been ‘ yellow dog democrats ‘, but have now left THEIR party in order to climb aboard the TRUMP TRAIN… Destination… 1600 Pennsylvania Ave… Arrival time approximately one year from TODAY.

Until about 3 months ago, I had planned on voting for, well, not TRUMP. But then something funny happened on the way to the forum on Facebook. Because I had made a comment about being in favor of Trump’s proposed GREAT WALL OF AMERICA, someone went to my Facebook profile, then proceeded to call me a scared  old white man, Southern white racist,  KKK loving, bigot, hater,  uneducated mother f—–r, b—–d, a– hole and communist. Gee ,what a surprise that was to me. My profile picture was of me with Mohammed Ali that was taken when I met THE GREATEST in Indianola, Mississippi  while he was  campaigning for then Mayor Charles Evers while he was on a break from filming FREEDOM ROAD in NATCHEZ, Mississippi several months after he had regained the world heavyweight belt for the HISTORIC 3rd time against Leon Spinks at the Superdome in New Orleans. GEE, what a surprise it was to ME to be called a ‘ racist and bigot’, since I WAS THE ONE who CREATED , promoted, and financially LOST HIS ASS as a result of having had the B.B. King day and Music Festival created in Indianola. If you want to know about discrimination, try being a ‘ white boy ‘, in 1979 Indianola, Mississippi, that waited for an election year to introduce a proposal to the Mayor and City Board to proclaim a B.B. King day. I guess it wasn’t such a bad idea, since it became an annual event. And now, even though B.B. and Lucille are now entertaining in Heaven, I have been asked to perform at this years B.B. King Festival that will take place at the B.B. King Museum that was built as the result of MY blood, sweat and tears. By the way, Indianola is in SUNFLOWER COUNTY Mississippi. Google it sometime.

I didn’t finally decide to work in Trump’s corner until his bashers started personally bashing ME. Then, my fellow Americans, it became, ” Personal Sonny. It isn’t BUSINESS as USUAL. It’s STRICTLY personal. I , as well as my family and numerous friends in Mississippi, are now STUMPIN’ and TRUMPIN’.

GOD BLESS AMERICA…AGAIN… Oh and ONE THING MORE, ” Leave the gun… take the CANOLLI “. Salamat po… mahal din kita. PEACE+T+

( I’m gonna weight hear for the trolls to bash me and point out my gramatical and punkchewashion erreres since I am still an uneducated old white racist bigot and hater and kkk suppotor, from Mississippe. )





Just because I am pro TRUMP, doesn’t mean I am ANTI anyone. I am supporting the MAN and his PLATFORMS and PLANKS, and not a PARTY.

Every single AMERICAN should be PASSIONATE about the candidate of their choice without vulgarity and accusations.

At this particular point in time, I support Donald J. Trump for President Of The United States of AMERICA. I stand FIRMLY on that belief and no PARTY or INDIVIDUAL is going to SWAY ME.


I am a disabled/ retired BROADCASTER with 45+ years experience in RADIO/ TELEVISION and I’m still learning.

Having served as a DISINFORMATION agent myself before, I can detect BS from thousands of miles away. And believe me, most of the crap being posted by the MSM/ FOX networks right now doesn’t pass my SMELL TEST.

I welcome differing opinions as long as they are FAMILY and USER FRIENDLY+T+