Where oh Where?

I just returned from having a pleasant lunch consisting of good , old fashioned, red neck turnip greens and corn bread with my Daddy. Naturally , the conversation led to him asking me what kind of “bull s___t ” ( fill in the blank ) was being posted on the internet about the STATE OF THE UNION. When I told him, he said, ” BULL S___T “.( fill in the blank ).

That’s my Daddy’s answer for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I read on the internet. Daddy is 82. He has worked all over the world as an Electrical Engineer for BROWN & ROOT  Construction company. He first went to work for them when I was about 5 years old. His first job was in Caracas, Venezuela. At the time, there was a revolution going on over there and the country was under martial law. because he was an American, he came very close to having his hands chopped off and the only thing that saved him was the fact that he was drunk and the cab driver told the soldier, ” Drunk Americana. Not REBEL. Drunk Americana “. He relieved that night in vivid detail when the subject came up that I have a feeling MARTIAL LAW will be declared here by June. He said, ” BULL S__T “. ( fill in the blank ). Dad has also worked in the Dominican Republic and Diego Garcia and Mexico, just to name a few. He was offered an opportunity to work for good money ‘ over there ‘ after the Gulf War rebuilding Oil Wells that my Grandfather had built, but he decided to sit that one out. THANK GOD.

Anyway, we started talking about the Syrian Refugee situation in Germany and the fact that what is happening over there is about to happen here in our back yards. He didn’t say, ” BULL S__T “. He had not heard the news  about the thousand plus that had arrived several days ago in Lakewood, Colorado, and when I told him  he wondered  wondered ‘ where oh where ‘ are they going to put them. I confessed that I had no idea and that where they were going to live or who was going to assume responsibility for them had not been mentioned in the news yet. It still hasn’t been. He asked if anyone had answered my question that I started asking several months ago about where the 250,000 to 500,000 were going to live and who was going to care for them as they arrive. When I told him that no one , and that no one had volunteerd to assume responsibility for them , he said, ” BULL S__T”. ( fill in the blank ). He said, ” You mean none of the ‘ bleeding heart liberals’ screaming that it was the CHRISTIAN/ AMERICAN thing to do , letting them swarm our Country, had offered to sponsor any of them by assuming responsibility for some of them and offering to provide foster care for any of them,   had signed up? ” When I told him that no one had, he just shook his head.

I asked the question again yesterday via a ‘ poll ‘ I created on TWITTER, and someone instantly blocked it. I simply asked if the refugees were going to be forced to live in tent cities in one of our deserts, or in abandoned military bases or office buildings. I was also wondering aloud , again, if any of the ‘ bleeding heart liberals ‘ were going to offer ‘ foster care ‘ to any of the refugee ‘ women and orphaned 3 year old’s , but again my post was blocked.

They LOVE to call ususususususus racists, bigots, uneducated haters, white trailer trash scared old mother f_____s ( fill in the blank ). But, they can’t take it when I call THEM racist, bigots, America hating communist, liberal HYPOCRITE mother f_____S ( fill in the blank ). To the best of my knowledge, not a SINGLE hypocrite screaming for refugees to be allowed to invade the USA have come forward and offered to sponsor a SINGLE refugee or have offered to be RESPONSIBLE for a SINGLE one of them.  Is it just my imagination running away with me, or are these ‘ bleeding heart ‘ liberals HYPOCRITES ?

Please feel free to share your opinions. I look forward to meeting you all. I have to go put the pot of turnip greens Dad gave me in the fridge. He wouldn’t give me the rest of the corn bread. BOO HOO HOO !!!!!!!










Author: Scottish Sicilian

I'm just a simple country boy trying to encourage others to help make a difference in our world before it ends. I'm a retired / disabled BROADCASTER with 45 + years EXPERIENCE and still learning.

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