Where oh Where?


I just returned from having a pleasant lunch consisting of good , old fashioned, red neck turnip greens and corn bread with my Daddy. Naturally , the conversation led to him asking me what kind of “bull s___t ” ( fill in the blank ) was being posted on the internet about the STATE OF THE UNION. When I told him, he said, ” BULL S___T “.( fill in the blank ).

That’s my Daddy’s answer for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I read on the internet. Daddy is 82. He has worked all over the world as an Electrical Engineer for BROWN & ROOT  Construction company. He first went to work for them when I was about 5 years old. His first job was in Caracas, Venezuela. At the time, there was a revolution going on over there and the country was under martial law. because he was an American, he…

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Author: Scottish Sicilian

I'm just a simple country boy trying to encourage others to help make a difference in our world before it ends. I'm a retired / disabled BROADCASTER with 45 + years EXPERIENCE and still learning.

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